Yenuhen's passion for makeup began at an early age, while admiring the women in her family as they recreated looks they saw on TV and magazines. As time went on she started experimenting with lipstick and mascara and little by little she added more products to her makeup collection. It was not long before Yenuhen discovered the power of makeup and that a red lip and a flick of eyeliner would boost the confidence she needed to face the world. 

She then went on to become an esthetician knowing that makeup artistry would be next. In her downtime she would read makeup books and study techniques of makeup greats like Kevin Aucoin, Pat McGrath, Rae Morris and many more. Additionally, Yenuhen has continued her education by taking classes and workshops hosted by prominent makeup artists in order to hone her craft. 

Now a makeup artist for over four years and with great experience under her belt she's able to contribute to bring life to a bride's dream wedding as well as execute the vision of a client, creative director or photographer. In Yenuhen's wildest dreams she would have never dreamt how rewarding her career as a makeup artist was going to be. 

Overall, her main goal is to provide beautiful makeup that helps her clients feel the confidence she did at an early age.